The Promise

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The Promise

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Tarinan nimi: The Promise, Lupaus
Ikäsuositus: K7
Päähenkilöt: Alexander ja Elinor
Tekijän huomautus: Pistinpä tämän tännekin, lyhyt sweet moment Alexanderin ja Elinorin välillä. En jaksanut suomentaa.

It was almost dark when Alexander finally rode home from the city. He opened the door to the mansion, it was quiet. The servants had left to their dwelling house, the groom took the last horses to the stable and the guards begun their night watch. Alexander headed up the big stairs and took off his cloak. The house was very peaceful when nobody was around.
He went straight to the master bedroom in the south part of the mansion. As he looked around the big room while putting down the cloak and the crest of his family, he saw that the doors to the big balcony were open and a fresh wind brought in the sweet smell of night.
Alexander smiled. He walked to the doors and stepped out.
On the far side of the balcony there was a lady dressed in a floating nightgown, her skin and the white dress glowing in the red light of the setting sun. Her dress was light and it swayed in the wind dramatically as she looked over the golden city to the ocean.
Alexander walked to the woman and gently from behind put his arms around her waist.
“You’re late…” she said.
“I’m sorry, El. I had to know exactly what Rodriques, Jomara and Sopra had in mind. It’s not exactly easy to work with those three in the same room.”
Elinor leaned back. “The army is not yours to worry about. It’s the general wellbeing of the citizen that you have to ensure.”
“Exactly. And in the light of the recent attacks I have to make sure you are protected.” Alexander laid his head next to hers.
Elinor understood her husband; after all he was one of the key persons when it came to the important decisions between Oriana and the other cities.
“Was queen Radmila there?”
“No. But she has requested our presence in the castle tomorrow. I’m sorry; it’s going to be a long day.”
Elinor tightened her grip around Alexander’s arms. “I just wish you could spend more time with your daughter.”
“Alicia is a big girl, she’ll understand.”
“She’s four. Besides today she told me how much she misses you.”
Alexander opened his eyes and turned his head, you couldn’t see the Castle Oriana from here. He pulled Elinor closer to him and leaned his head right next to her ear.
“What do you say if I take Alice with me to the castle tomorrow?”
Elinor turned to look at him. His eyes were green and bright. “You would do that?”
“Of course. I’m sure there’s a lot for her to do with that friend of hers while we take care of the important business.”
Elinor’s expression lightened up and she reached to stroke Alexander’s cheek. “I don’t think you have to ask her twice.”
“And you”, Alexander moved forward as their foreheads touched, “will finally get a little time on your own.”
“…Starting tomorrow morning?”
Both grinned before leaning closer to each other.
Someone knocked gently on the balcony doors. Elinor leaned away and blushed but Alexander didn’t mind.
“I placed everything you asked in your office, master.” In the doorway stood the butler, adviser and a long time dear friend of the family.
“Thank you, Chen,” Alexander said without changing his position.
“Was that all for today, Mr. Alexander?”
“That’s all dear Chen. Good night.”
“Good night Ms. Elinor.”
“Good night, Chen.”
As the doors closed Elinor pushed Alexander away smiling nervously. “Stop that.”
“What? I can love my wife in my own house.”
Elinor turned back to look the sea as Alexander hugged her from behind.
“Do you ever wonder what’s behind the ocean?” Elinor broke the silence after a while. Alexander kissed her shoulder.
“No. I have been there. Behind the walls of Zoltan the world is full of criminals, rebels and barbarians. “
“I don’t think that’s true.”
Alexander looked bemused at the woman.
“After all the books I’ve read and all the maps I’ve seen… there must be so much that we don’t know yet. I know there have been problems with the other cities lately but… I’m sure not all people are that bad.”
“What do you mean?”
“My grandmother used to have all these interesting things from around the world. She said that some of them were magical and she always told me stories from their origin. I still have some of them but… I wish that someday I could get some myself. Stories that Alice could later tell her children.”
Alexander looked to the ocean. The sun had almost disappeared behind the horizon and only the little street lights were lighting up the city. He lifted his head and tightened his grip.
“All right then.”
Elinor was confused. “What?”
“I love you so much. And if that’s what your heart desires then who am I to stop you.”
“What do you mean?”
“Elinor Desirée Katherine Victoria, I promise that one day I will take you to the other side of the ocean.”
Elinor turned her head, Alexander smiled to her reaction.
“Would you really do that?”
“Anything to make you happy.”
“Do you promise?”
“I promise."


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