Back to Day One

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Back to Day One

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Story's name: Back to Day One
Age recommendation: K-15
Main character(s): Most of them...maybe all? : ' D
Author's notification: A fiction with several writers...Warning; Some swearing and hinting.
Some of the characters have turned into a babies/toddlers, others trying to find away to turn them back, and how and why this had happened. Milieu/setting is bit modern like, several rates of wealth certified. But the persons have their abilities also... (And Nora is know more as a boy than a girl...)
Have fun~


Chapter One

". . ."

The grandfather clock tick-tocks as the bell booms the almost midday, its low reverberating sound filling the silent room of large, cozy, wooden cabin. The dark green orbs blinks once, and blinks twice, as the owner of those eyes trys comprehend what they are seeing.

Even after trying the strong, black coffee, or even the freezing cold water splashed to their face, the image before the person didn't erase away.

Sprawling across the warm oak framed living room, there are seven, small, and very young toddlers.
Sitting or crawling, cooing or being slient, and they are disturbingly looking very familiar. What the hell happened after last night they went to bed after their Christmas eve...?! (Which wasn't exactly most peaceful one but luckily not the most craziest either.)

White pale hands cluthes the short, silvery white and black curls -aka messy bedhead- as some degree desperation creeps in mind, almost letting out panicked shout, which is managed to suppress into rather noisy mumbling.

This has to be very cruel and bad joke?

There is no way that their friends have turned into babies!!??

"Mornin' Nora..." A long yawning voice erupts, snapping the artic fox out of 'his' stupor.

The heterochromic nested head turns toward the newcomer, seeing orange hedgehog boy with side-bangs, who just has gotten out a bed, his eyes still shut as he groggily walks in, scratching his head.

"Thank god! R.D!" Nora exclaims before grabs younger boy by his shoulders. "Please tell me I'm dreaming! PLEAAAAASEEEEE!!!!" Nora shakes him lightly, before the other boys blinks, waking up fully and turns his head towards the living room.

". . ."

A pregnant pause fills the room, silence hanging over the two, before it finally comes to younger boy. He opens and closes his mouth -like a fish in dry land- before crying out;


Nora covers his ears as winches at the loud shout, over-sized dark gray sleeves slipping up to 'his' elbows. Man, this boy needs to learn control his voice levels.

"I-is that Rhea? And Rio?" R.D asks bewildered, shaking hand ponting the toddlers.

"Unfortunally, it seems so." Nora answers as lowering his hands. "As crazy it sounds, it seems also Emma, Thina, Shirai, Alice, and Caen are sharing the same fate." He continues, then his eyes drifts to younglings, who were pretty much staring the duo right now... Creepy...

"So..." The orange teenager timidly starts, gulping lightly. "What are we going to do--?"

"What this all noise is all about?" Irratated, slightly shrieking tone cuts in. The boys' heads snaps at the voice's direction, the familar cerulean haired girl standing at door of her room in her cute, teal colored nightgown, accompany by other girl with dark, long curls.

"Nea, Yuno. Thank God you're normal too!" R.D exclaims as he throws his arms in the air.

This baffles the girl with silvery eyes, and she places her hands on her hips. "Of course we are normal. Why wouldn't we--" She stops talking, freezing, feeling a light touch on her bare foot.
Slowly, she tilts her head downwards, diamond colored orbs following the movement, before landing on a small figure, amber irises looking back with innocent look on them, big, long ears flicking cutely.

There is a long silence....

....Before a very loud high-pitched shriek...


After calming down the startled girl, and gathering into the living room, (and moving the midget so they could been seen) Nora starts to explain from the beginning while Yuno is 'gosh'ing over the little cute form of her best friend. (Who isn't as excited about it as her.) And after some observation, it seemed their personalities are still present (like certain blue-yellow boy trying to avoid the red-headed girl) but it isn't sure how much they exactly remembers, or are they even aware of this situtation...

But most important question right now might be why this happened? And how? And who's behind this?

And mostly, how to fix this whole thing?

"So..." Heterochromic haired boy sighs as he prys the big-eared-fennec off from playing the hems of his pajama trousers, tad irratated how the pest doesn't leave him alone even in this form(even if he cares for him much as a big brother...) "What's our next step?"

Cerulean girl with white wings stands up, having thoughtful and serious look on her features as she takes a hold of her chin, other crossing her chest. Couple minutes goes by, before her face lights up, and puts her hands to her hips once again.

"Well..." Nea begins, seemingly able take the charge of this. "First thing we need to some preperations."

"Preperation?" R.D repeats slowly, unsure where this going, as the purple little boy in the Yuno's lap lets out a chilly sneeze, tiny icy snowflakes forming as his nose wrinkles.

To be continued...

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Vs: Back to Day One

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Chapter 2

”Ewewewewewew!” R.D. took a few steps back. “I am not going to do that!”
“Well someone has to.”
“You do it. You’re girls. You know this stuff, right?”
“There are four of us and seven of them. Besides,” Nea looked at the little blue hedgehog baby sobbing on her arms with a gentle smile, “they’re our friends.”
“Exactly. And that’s why it’s so… weird”, the orange boy looked first at Nea then Yuno, both with smaller versions of their friends on their arms. He still couldn’t get over the fact that these were actually those grumpy, teenage loners he had gotten to know; now helpless and unable to take care of themselves. R.D. wondered what they’d be thinking right now. Do they still have their old memories, can they understand and detect everything that’s going on right now? And will they remember anything once they’re back to normal? The boy shook his head as he got shivers.
“I mean… it’s kinda awkward. You know…”
“Oh shut it”, Nea had a slight blush on her cheeks. “Do you have any better ideas?”
“Our first priority is to get these guys to work with us”, Nora stepped in when a certain beige toddler started to show interest in him. “We need to find out what’s going on. And we need to do it as fast as possible.”
“You’re right. And we can’t do that if these guys won’t be co-operative.” R.D. stepped back when a little silver cat without her black markings on her ears and tail decided that she wanted attention too. R.D. and Nora took both a step back not knowing what to do. Nea rolled her eyes and sat down, giving little Rio the opportunity to slide from her arms and desperately crawl away. His attempt ended short when he was lifted yet again and placed back next to the unsatisfied Alice.
Yuno joined Nea and they both watched the group of familiar, yet so unfamiliar little versions of their best friends scramble around the blanket on the floor. It all felt like a dream. No one had any idea how something like this could happen. A spell? A curse? Or something even worse?
R.D. snuck around the little mumbling crowd and sighed. Little Rhea seemed to be unhappy with the way her blue special someone tried his best to avoid her. She finally let out a high pitched scream when the blanket under her suddenly caught fire. It started a chain reaction where Rio hurt himself to the fire making him scream half as loud and the rest of the group, except the older Caen, broke into tears.
“Oh nononono!” Nea, Yuno and Nora rushed over to get everyone away as R.D. ran to the nearest water source to stop the fire.
After a couple of minutes a dead silence filled the room. Nea lied on the floor with three babies squeezed on her lap, Yuno and Nora stood next to her with the other four as R.D. held an empty bottle which content was now on the smoking blanket.
“So, “ Yuno broke the silence”, they still have their powers.”

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Vs: Back to Day One

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Chapter 3

"Oh, this is great. This is SO great," R.D growled while drying his spikes. While putting out the fire he also got wet. "I hope others won't figure out same tricks too soon.". "Ehm, R.D," Nea remarked while pointing her finger at Shirai, who had accidentally frozen the ground below him and wasn't able to get up. "Oh for crying out loud," R.D snarled while trying to lift Shirai. But that attempt was doomed to fail. Finally exhausted R.D sighed: "What are we gonna do?".

"We can't give up now," Nea pronounced. "Let's see. Why don't you R.D look after the others while I make us some dinner? What do you say, folks? Mushed potatoes and meatballs?". Babies made cheerful sounds and waved their tiny hands with endless joy. "So it is settled. Yuno, would you be kind and help me?". "Of course, Nea," said Yuno and followed her to the kitchen.

"So, what shall we do with these?" R.D asked from Nora. "Dunno. I'm not experienced with kids," Nora answered with a shrug of shoulders. Rhea started to tease Rio once more and Shirai was starting to get frustrated with his state. "Perhaps we should entertain them somehow," Nora wondered out loud. "I have an idea!" R.D grinned and ran out of the room. Soon he came back and brought along many glove puppets. "You can't be serious," Nora sighed. "Come on, this is gonna be fun. Here, take this robber puppet. I shall be the officer.".

To be continued..

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Vs: Back to Day One

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Chapter 4

Half an hour passed before Nea finally arrived back to the living room. Nora and R.D were hiding behind the sofa and trying to entertain their audience with a couple of sock puppets. Babies were giggling and clapping their hands. They were clearly enjoying the show.

Nea allowed a little chuckle escape from her lips before she opened her mouth:
“Time to eat”.  R.D’s tummy let out a long low grumble.

“So it seems”, the hedgehog mumbled and stood up.

* * * * *

Nea shared the food while R.D, Yuno and Nora tried to keep the little rascals still. One after another - babies tried to climb down from their chairs and make a run for it. Or, well, more like a crawl for it.

“Hopefully they’ll stay still when they get something to eat”, Nora sighed while lifting Rhea back on her seat.

“Yeah”, R.D agreed, “And it would be a blessing if after that they’d fall asleep or something”.

“Well”, Nora continued, “Babies need a lot of rest, so probably putting them to sleep is much easier than trying to make them sit still and eat”.

“Guys”, Nea said suddenly while a worried tone took over her voice, “Where is Alice?”. R.D was about to open his mouth within’ an answer – but closed it just as quickly while noticing that the silver colored girl wasn’t where she was supposed to be sitting. The rest of the babies were (luckily) enjoying their meals without a problem – but one of the plates remained untouched.

“So we did lose one of them after all”, Nora sighed.

“C’mon guys. She can’t be far”, Yuno encouraged, “She might have just gone back to the living room”.

“I’ll go check it out”, Nea said and headed to another room. After a moment of silence between the three nannies Nea returned – her eyes full of worry.

“The front door was open”, she mumbled, “She might have gone out”.

To be continued...

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Vs: Back to Day One

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Chapter Five

“Are you sure?” Yuno asks. “Maybe she's just hiding in somewhere.” She suggests, trying to cheer up the worried girl.

Nea shakes her head. “No, there's traces on snow, but I couldn't see her in anywhere.”

“Argh!” R.D throws his hands in the air frustrated. “This just 'great'! How 'toddlers' can be so sneaky and difficult?!”

“Don't be like that.” Nea chides. “That doesn't help. What we need to do now is-- Huh? Nora? Where are going?” Nea asks as she sees one of her friends pulling his brown leather jacket on.

“I'll go to find Alice. You three make sure that others are in check.” Nora answers, wrapping a gray scarf around his neck, before flipping through the other jackets in the hanger, snatching one with icy blue color and furs framing it.
“The temperature isn't too bad, but there's possibility of hypothermia for small form like hers, and last night snowed fresh layer of snow. It won't be too difficult to track her down.” He explains as he nears the door and opening it. “Wish me luck.” And with that he closes the door behind him.

“Hopefully he finds her…” Nea draws out quietly, and Yuno places her hand in comforting manner on younger girl's shoulder.

“He'll find Alice, don't worry too much. He knows lot of this kind of things due his life style.” Yuno smiles. “Like he said, we have others to look after.”

And as of cue there's heard a sound of falling tableware, and loud giggling erupts from the kitchen, making the trio freeze on their spots, before rushing to mentioned room – head over heals.

Or course it was too good to think everything going smoothly…

The snow crunches under the boot clad feet as Nora treks through the snowy forest around the cottage. The chilly fresh air colors his breath to white wisps, and the sun peeks from between clouds. And the city could be heard and seen from the distance.

The heterochromia haired arctic fox stops on his tracks, seeing a small form not far from him, and rushes to it. He let's out annoyed but relieved huff, as he nears the little escapee.

“I dunno what did you've in mind, but you made us worried, Alice. And got surprisingly far” Nora mumbles as he hunches down to one knee, in front of small form of gray cat girl, who's sitting in crust of snow, seemingly cold as shivering, her cheeks tinted red from chilly air.
Nora takes out the jacket he had take with him, and wraps it around the small girl. Of course it's way too big for her, but it would still keep her warmer. After securing the furry coat, Nora lifts her from the snow, and hesitantly brings her near to his chest.

Of course there was no way to avoid at least a small awkwardness about this whole situation. And Nora has more reasons to feel like that… Since he hasn't been totally 'come out of the closet' to his friends, only a very few persons knowing about it…and now couple of them is now as helpless midgets…

He lets out heavy sigh, closing his green hues. “Let's go back…” He says quietly to young-ling and turns around to head back the cottage…Back to the warmness…And to solving this enigma…

As he takes first step to his direction a new voice makes him halt on his track right away, making him narrow his eyes.

“Well hello, Nora. Funny to see you here.”

Oh just f****** great…

The nanny-trio back breaths out heavily. They had just finished the cleaning of the kitchen, while one of them had make sure the babies stayed in one of the bedrooms. Why?

The toddlers have had a fun idea to start food war…And creating another chaos for the day. R.D sighs again, sprawling out on the couch, his head hanging over the edge of the back rest.
“Man… How on earth six TODDLERS can be so messy and energetic in so little time?” He remembers the scene when he stepped in that blasted room.

Meatball sauce and mushed potatoes flying across the table, splashing in contact, making bigger mess than needed. It wasn't sure who had started it, but almost were involved, expect for poor little Emma, who was on brink on tears. Rio and Caen seemed to enjoy themselves as the rest were joining like as a tantrums.

Well, that's all done now, girls putting them to sleep while R.D started to cleaning, later having help on it.

“Well, at least they're asleep now… But there's one problem though…” Nea pauses, then continues. “Some of them are expected to coming back their homes. What are we going to say them? That their friends and children are turned…'bit younger'?!”

“You got a point, Nea. That might now the most important thing to solve…” Yuno agrees.

R.D ponders for moment from his position, before raises his arm up to roof. “Why not just make phone calls and tell them they have couple extra days to stay?” He suggests, like he has the master idea.

The blue-haired girl sighed, not really convinced of idea. “Let's just first wait Nora's return, then we decide what follows next…”

Then the pin drop silence falls, only the grandfather clock doing its endless ticking.

To be continued…

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Vs: Back to Day One

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Chapter 5

After exhausting silence door finally opened. "Nora, thank god," laughed Nea and went to take Alice from her arms. "Where she was? Oh, how relieving this i...". "Good evening," slithering voice greeted behind Nora and certain grey gentleman entered the room without permission. "Now listen here, pops," Nora snapped. "First you became my escort without even asking, if I even needed one and now you're pushing yourself inside. Don't you have any manners?". "You do realize it's very cold out there," unpleasant guest responded with obnoxious glanze. "Besides, this child you were carrying had awfully light clothing. I had to check out that she'll be taken care properly". "As you can see, everything is fine. Now if you excuse us, we have some work here," R.D said with deep frown. This guy, Don Rodriguez, was that person no one didn't like, but who no one couldn't resist, no matter how rude or pushy his orders or actions were. "How did he get here?" R.D whispered to Nora, when Rodriguez was preaching with his hypocritical style. "I accidentally stumbled to some fellows I know and they were running away from him. Before I knew it, they were gone and Doughnut stood in front of me asking these questions. I told him to fuck off, but you know him.". R.D couldn't stop himself chuckling. That nickname was the only thing in Rodriguez that put smile on people's face. "Do you find this matter amusing?" Rodriguez rasped turning quickly to R.D. "No no, I was just," suddenly nervous R.D tried to explain. "If this child is going to have a cold because of your negligence, I dare you laugh then.".

Rodriguez's increasing voice made Thina and Emma crawl under their blankets and Yuno started to get worried about situation. She quickly flew to them and started to pet them tenderly. "Please, Rodriguez sir, keep it down," whispered Nea. She hoped that her gentle speech would soften Rodriguez. "Children just went to sleep.". "There are more?". Nea regret her words, when she saw, how glanze of stiff man became even colder. Rodriguez passed alarmed Yuno and, before anyone could stop him, lifted a blanket a little bit, just to see a baby Thina. For the first time in forever Rodriguez was speechless. "Where did these toddlers come from? Who could be so irresponsible that can leave them to you?". "None of your business," Nora growled. "Yeah. We can take care of this on our own, thank you very much," R.D continued. Nora and R.D weren't that good friends, but at least they got one thing in common: they both felt loathing towards Rodriguez and wanted to get him out of the house as soon as possible. "You really think it's going to be that easy?". Rodriguez pointed out to baby Alice, who was edge of the tears. "I've just seen, how poorly you have carried out your duties as guardians. If you can't take care of this one girl, how I can be sure about safety of the others?". Anger and anxiety filled the room. Youngsters knew that Rodriguez himself was not the right person to berate them, but they knew, how dangerous he could be. "You don't understand. We have to keep them here," tried Yuno, but all was vain. With deep, huffy sigh Rodriguez announced: "I have no other option but call authorities.".

To be continued....


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Vs: Back to Day One

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Chapter Seven

“And what right gives ya to do that?” Nora hisses as he crosses his arms. “Just ya saw one mishap with us, that doesn't mean we ain't capable of take caring of them.” The green eyes narrows greatly at the man with salt-and-pepper hair. They really don't need any more complications.

“The fact some of you are barely adults, and don't have experiences on kid is greatly concerning. And top of that, some of you have questionable backgrounds…” The nuisance called 'Don' says, as he aims the last part to certain white and black haired young adult, who glares back at his cruel yellow eyes.

It is true Nora has some life in streets in his past, but he never broke the law. (Or at least caused harm.) He has merely helped his friends who's having harder life than himself, helping them when nobody else has. What's wrong with that? Apparently to someone who has high regards on themselves. Like this douche-bag before him. Not everyone are born with a silver spoon in their mouth…

“Please, sir. Just consider again.” Nea begs, adjusting the little cat girl in his arms.

But he isn't listening, just justifying his actions with most ridiculous reasons. Most 'self-authorized' ways. Honestly, this man is so much full himself. Always talking people down.

The poor little Alice in Nea's arms started to get uncomfortable in this all noise. She holds her black tipped gray ears, but that doesn't bring any help. Her tiny form starts to tremble, her small finger curling into fists. Eyes screwing shut, she inhales, and does something that surprises everyone.


Alice lets out a loud shout, and a light of blue and white flashes in the room, crackling in air. There is other shout too, more like a scream, along some gasps.
A scent of something slightly burning fills the hallway, and it takes couple seconds to comprehend what just happened.

But when they, another silence fills the room as they see the new 'condition' of the older male.

Frizzy, slightly smoking afro…along his mustache…with amazing flabbergasted look in his dump, ugly face.

Alice had use her element…and had electrified the unwanted 'visitor' bastard. And surprisingly, Nea was left unaffected, only having felt the static electricity. But she is more surprised of the outburst of this little cutey. Guess she still has her stubbornness and temper left.

Don's mouth opens and closes, his face growing irritated. He draws air in, but Nora beats him to it.

“Before ya open yer big hole, hear me out.” Said man turns to glare at arctic fox, who was tapping a smart-phone, before he flips it to face the man.

First he looked at the phone indifferently, but soon the realization hits him, before turning to red furious.
On the screen is a shot of his new 'fashion', a title added below it as 'Ignoramus Afro Doughnut'. And below all that rests big 'buttons' of green and red…

Send or Cancel.

“Now hear me, pops. You're going to leave now, and never come back. And if we see you, or any 'authorities', this lovely picture…” Nora's thumb neared the 'send'-link, and the color drained from 'elder's' face. “…will be send all over the internet. Showing our 'favorite Don's' new look. Am I clear?” Lot's of sarcasm was dripping from youth's mouth, looking dead into the golden eyes.

They all know how important the reputation is to this old fart. He cannot live without it. His white sheet visage started turn to red, and with gritting teeth and mumbled curses, he spins on his heels barking out of the door, Nora following, giving big fake smile while waving 'farewells' to the martinet.

“Bye, Doughnut!” And with that, young adult closes the door, before he hunches over, all his energy gone. God that bluffing is hard.

A squeal startles him, and soon he is pulled to tight hug and notices the long, black locks in his peripheral vision.

“Yuno…” He sighs to older girl, not really comfortable her being in his personal bubble.

“THAT was so AWESOME!”

“Yeah…That was quite a move.” R.D. admits. “I didn't even know you owned that kind of phone. When you even took the photo?”

“…I took it when everyone was shocked by the event…And no, it's not my phone. It's Caen's actually, and he left it luckily to hallway, and I luckily know the password…” Nora answers and finally gets out his friends hug.

“But most lucky things was Alice temper.” He grins as he ruffles the little midget's hair, earning an angry pout. The white fox instantly lifts his air in surrender, chuckling awkwardly. He doesn't want get a new hair cut too.

“Yeah, looks like the Lady fortune is on our side.” Nea says, adjusting the little girl in her arms. “What about the photo? What are you going to do it now?”

Nora stares the screen in his hand, before flicks his finger over it couple times and places back on top of the dresser, locked once again, and he shrugs.

“Save it for future blackmail. Who knows what that boasting oaf could plan anytime.” He lets out at the end slightly evil grin.

“Serves his right!” R.D. exclaims, trowing his arms to roof. (Not literally.)

~~~Later on evening~~~

A tired form slumps onto to couch throwing hand to their face. The four had just managed to bath the little rascals, the girls just finishing in the bathroom. (And oldest boy had go that far that he had a rag over his eyes.) R.D. is raiding the fridge in the kitchen, while Nora is in the living room in the couch, giving half mind to look after midgets…

The phone calls has also been done. Luckily it was only Emma and Alice who had to be arranged. Couple text messages and little white lies and they had buy more time to themselves to solve this problem.

Hands rubs the white, furry face. Thoughts races in Nora's mind, trying to find anything logical.

A tug on his pants breaks his train of thoughts, and he pivots lazily his head to look over edge the sofa. Green orbs meets light amber ones, innocent and sort of pleading look in them (way too innocent when knowing this guy as adult), making Nora groan as he turns his again.

“What you want, Caen?” He asks tiredly, only earning another tug. “No…”

But that doesn't stop the little fennec with big ears. Determinate pout on his face, he grasps to couch with both little fists, and tries with all his might to pull himself up. Alas, even several tries, he is still unable to get onto the couch. He puffs his cheeks, pouting even more as he tries again.

Frustrated sigh is heard above him, and then feels bigger hands pick him up from armpits, placing him to other end of the soft furniture.

“There, now stay still.” Nora's tired voice mutters before he drops back to lay down.

The peace doesn't last long though. Something crawls over his legs, causing him to groan again. Seriously, this little rascal doesn't know how to stay still for long.
Big eared desert fox toddler continues his crawl, reaching to Nora's abdomen, and when he reached further up, a hand landed on top of his head.

“That's furthest ya get…” He tells the beige colored midget, his words slightly slurring, being in the brink of sleep.

Caen seems to listen this time, curling on top of his friend tummy, hugging his own tail and his sandy colored, over shoulders reaching hair drooping behind his back. The rising and falling of the breathing soon lulls his small form to sleep, content and quiet snoring escaping from his tiny mouth.

The fridge raider comes out of the kitchen, a piece of bread hanging between his teeth, big bowl of food and drink in his arms. He was minding his way to his room, having enough of this day events. He however stops when get to living room, perplexed by what he is seeing; Nora pass out on the sofa and the small form of the annoying bastard snoozing off on his stomach, while other toddlers are either going to fall asleep too soon, or playing quietly with some improvised toys.

The teen scratches his head, surprisingly not dropping anything, before 'sneaking' into his room before the girls could catch him…

To be continued…

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Vs: Back to Day One

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