Everyone Needs A Friend

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Everyone Needs A Friend

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Story's name: Everyone Needs A Friend
Age recommendation: Maybe at 12-K
Main characters: Sirena & Jonas
Author's notification: Just something small for Valentine's Day. Had this idea for couple years? already, and finally I decided for write it. Not totally happy with this, but enough…
Totally platonic… Enjoy.


Everyone Needs A Friend

Once again… other ball, other night…

As much the young maiden with golden curls enjoyed the colors of beautiful evening dresses, the harmonic music of classic waltz, ornaments decorating the majestic marble pillars and walls across the giant throne room with royal red curtains framing them…

…She couldn't enjoyed of it thoroughly…

…not with the down side she was having…

She remembered how she had fantasized about these events, daydreaming of her 'prince charming' while she was younger, just a kid back then. And she still is trying to. It's just..harder.
While she had matured into fine young lady, she had many fine young potential suitors, asking for a dance(a perk being the prince's cousin)… But they had then mysteriously vanished… never been seen again

A deep, tired, and almost desperate sigh slipped between her peachy lips. She was almost certain that the certain salt and pepper haired general was behind all this, not willing leave her alone, not to mention, understand the 'no'-answer… That persistent scumbag. And no-one is believing her if she tried to tell someone about it. Either they don't care...or are afraid of sadistic general's 'wrath'

The golden maiden heard someone calling for her, and she wasn't happy to hear it. Not specially from him.

She swiftly slipped through the masses of people, quietly apologizing while hoping to be not seen, not noticing the disapproving gazes she was gaining. Sneaking into shadows, behind the gigantic marble pillars, she stole a glance to the crowd, exhaling in relief when old, pervert, fart-bag haven't noticed her, resting her head against the cold, white stone pillar...

Then she felt a short, cooling breeze coming from front of her, realizing being near one of the balconies, and conveniently the double door open.
Carefully minding the hems of her pearly green dress, she tip-toed to outside to the balcony, meeting the starry sky and chilly, fresh air, sounds behind her slightly muffling.
She leaned slowly on the railing with her straight arms, nimble hands gripping the edges. The young lady closed her eyes as she inhaled the night's chilly air, shivering slightly while dropping her closed gaze downwards.

“Lady Sirena, is everything all right?”

The shiny emerald orbs snapped open with a silent gasp, before whipping her head towards the 'intruder', expecting to see the cruel and sick golden eyes but instead her gaze met warm amethyst gems. It took her for couple seconds to realize who she was really looking at, and then let out breath of relief.
“M'lady?” The voice sounded concerned, and Sirena snapped again from her thought, deciding the greet the newcomer, recognizing the gentlemen.

“Ah, yes. Thank you, young lord Zetler.” She said, little bit faster than she planned while she curtseyed.

The young tanned man with chestnut hair smiled, bit sadly though, before speaking up. “Please, Jonas is just fine, I'm not really one for formalities. And my apologizes for being rude, but it really doesn't seem like it to me.”

Sirena looked down, bit ashamed for lying to gentlemen like him. She remembered him from while back, when she first saw him. They really haven't talked to each-other, only small greetings and such, but being curious young girl she was, she could observe him when she could, and she also heard few rumors about the young man, who was about ten years older than herself.
His look itself was already peculiar compared to rest at Oriana. Noticeable darker skin, the scars on his cheeks, how he hold himself among the people. He wasn't really like the rest of high class; no arrogant attitude, egoistic, or snobbish… And she had seen the small gestures of kindness time to time.
She heard once about his father, retired veteran, who's been told being very cold, old-school mannered, not respecting nearly anyone who opposed the opposite gender… He wasn't known even being married, and had a son. But the boy had the signature violet eyes of very old Zetler-clan, like the shiny amethyst stones, so there was no doubt. But no-one ever seemed to dare to questioning him how this was possible...

The maiden sighed deeply as she placed escaped golden curl behind her ear. Maybe she shouldn't be     lying, but no-one hasn't believe her before. What are the odds they would now?

“…You wouldn't believe if I tell you...” She said quietly, not looking at him.

She heard him sigh. “Try me. But I think I already know…”

Her head snapped up, a look of disbelief and confusion painting her delicate face. “Y-You know?”

Jonas nods, giving another sad smile. “…Aye, and thus I am sorry… Do you want to talk about it? I'm willing to listen, if you do.”

Her eyes widened even more, before hesitantly nodding, bringing her hands close to her…

Silence fell over the two at balcony as the chilly breeze went by, swaying their hairs.

The young man had listened the all Sirena have to say, all the hardship she have been through. It wasn't right, not to young innocent girl like the Rosselin.
And the girl herself? She felt so relieved that someone knew, listened her, and finally believing her.

“Thank you… for actually listening… No-one hasn't done that before, only brushing away as little girl's whining…”

“You do not need to blame yourself, lady Sirena. It's all because his 'status' why no-one is taking an action...on anything he do...” Jonas trailed of, turning his gaze to horizon, the moon making its way already down… It was that time of month again, guess…

“I… Lor- Jonas I mean- do you mind if I ask you something?” Sirena's voice cut in his stupor, making him to blink and couple seconds to realize that she had just spoke.

“Y-yes, of course you can. What is it?” He asked, curiously looking at the young lady.

“Why are you so different from the rest?”

The young Zetler was taken a back, how she had almost blurted out the question. But guess she could help with curious and innocent nature she was having…
Sirena was already fearing the worst as the man stayed silent, seemingly bothered by her question.
“I am sorry-”

“It's okay. It was just...sudden, that's all.” He smiled reassuringly, and she sighed in relief. “Its just… awakened some memories.” His smile saddened slightly, then gazed into stars.
“I really don't know how to tell it… I assume its because…well, guess it's because I really do not belong here. I am trapped by bloodline…Like you, miss… That's all I can say for now. I already say too much for someone's liking, so I have to-”

“It's okay. My lips are sealed.” She smiled, childishly making zip-movement across her pale lips.  He smiled back, feeling refreshed by her action. How he wished he could be a kid once again…

There was silent again, more pleasant this time. And luckily, nobody has not come looking for them, giving them a change enjoying their peaceful moment.
Sirena had actually forgotten all her worries, now trying to recognize the constellations, along the millions tiny shining dots in the dark night-blue sky.

“If you don't mind...” He started, breaking the silence, earning her attention. “...I have an...'offer', if you like to hear…” He took a side-way glance to maiden, seeing the permission to go on. He too deep breath, his chest rising, before falling.
“…If… If you ever feel like talk, about your worries, or whatever bother you mind, I'm willing to lend an ear.” He turned his gaze down on her. “You look like needing it, m'lady. This life is hard enough with all what we already have for fair maiden… I want help you feel it easier, if you like.”

The girl's emerald eyes widened slowly as she listened what Jonas had to say. She could not almost believe her ears were hearing.
“Are you… offering your 'friendship'?” She asked bewildered, eyes having a glint in them.

The young man smiled bashfully, scratching back of his neck, slight red tint on his cheeks. “Um, I guess I am, lady Sirena.” he chuckled weakly, causing Sirena to giggle.

“Well, I would be honored to have the Zetler-clan member as my friend… If, you call me 'Sirena'. So I guess I am offering my 'friendship' to you, too.” She grinned playfully, really happy at the moment.

Amethyst orbs blinked, before laughing lightly. “It would my pleasure… Sirena.” He said, bowing deeply as he placed his hand over his heart, making little fun of his gesture.

They both laughed for a while, enjoying themselves, before hearing unwelcome voice interfering.

“Lady Sirena, I have been looking for you. You made me worried when I couldn't find you.” That ever-flattering-and-sickening voice was unmistakeable, and the assumptions were confirmed as a shadowed figure stepped out of the dark, relieving no-one else than Don Rodriguez.

“Thankfully you had young lord Zetler with you. That was nice of him. Now, the last dance is about to start, let us to join others on the dance floor.” He took her hand without asking starting to lead her away.
The young girl felt her heart sank, the color vanishing from her face. Why this always happened–

“Excuse me, General Rodrigues, but matter of fact is I've already asked lady Sirena for dance.”

Sirena's head whipped to see Jonas's confident and resolve expression painting his face, very shocked what she just heard. And she saw a glimpse of Don's face, seeing him also surprised for very small moment, before collecting his composure.
“Is that true, lady Sirena?” He asked, looking down to her.

The golden maiden got really nervous, but by instinct, she nodded, desperately wanting away from the sick, lecherous man.
“Y-yes.” She answered, feeling other person take her hands, and leading away from the source of her troubles. She could even feel the cold golden eyes following her retreating from, pricking into her skin.

You lied to him!” Sirena whisper-yelled as they got farther from the unwanted man. She heard quiet, amused laughter from the gentleman next to her, before he placed his hands just above her waist, other taking of her hand, as she placed her free hand to his shoulder.

“And you agreed to it.” Jonas smiled, taking the lead when the music filled the room once and final time for the night.
Sirena tried to find comeback, but ended only with puffed cheeks, blushing madly. The brunette saw it all, giving reassuring smile while swaying with her across the floor.
“Little white lies, there's no bad in them when used right. And I know what kind of man 'he' is. I heard a lot from my…father. You really need to be careful around him. But, enjoy for the evening for the time being. He won't be a bother for while.”

The Rosselin girl went quiet complying his words, agreeing to enjoy of the dance. He was actually quite skilled, and not a tasteless ass-sucker like some people tended to be. She was still worried about the lying, about the consequences. But she seemed to have Jonas having her back, keeping her safe. He was a respected man after all, by his father reputation and status. He would easily get away from lies like that, not expecting from him.
A wide, graceful smile spread on her face, her happiness actually glowing, letting out even some quiet giggles as she was spun around. She was feeling happy again, the worries melting away, little buzz having of found new friend.

She didn't even noticed the deadly daggers that Rodriguez send at the young with gaze, or that the targeted boy sent a look back his direction, 'I know, and you can't do anything about it.' The message was clear. And he was sure, that the older man understood it.

But it didn't matter to her. She received the best gift for a long time.

Because everyone needs a friend.

The End.

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